Message from the Chairman

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IP Partners Co., Ltd. Chairman
Shuichi Iinuma

Work is entertainment with the spirit of a festival

There is a belief in the Western world that “labor is a punishment God has inflicted on mankind .”* In Aristotle’s time, it was also said that “labor is slavery, the toil of slaves.”
On the other hand, we believe that based on the traditional Japanese view of both work and labor, that work is the best entertainment.

However, that is unlike the way things have always been. With our JobTech®, anyone can work whenever and however they want. We can form teams on-demand in real-time to maximize performance. We also provide an environment where applicants from around the world can collaborate in one place, without barriers to communication or organizational work habits. This is our world viewpoint.

In such an environment, people can freely combine multiple work styles. These can consist of a full-time employee, a president, a board member of another company as well as a staff member. This “portfolio of work” can be implemented from time to time. In other words, it’s not a side business, it’s a complementary business .

Joy and happiness at work can be found in various instances. We can be happy because customers are happy, or because we are working towards achieving a common goal. We can also be happy because we are earning good money or are useful members of society. Another cause of happiness can lie in your personal development and growth.

Joy and happiness at work can consist of a number of diverse and dynamic factors which can change from time to time.

We believe that everybody can find happiness in their portfolio of work. To achieve this, we create a work environment with sufficient structure and options available, and we can also accelerate the work process with the number of resources we have. We also standardize, refine, and increase our success rate.

As a result, your work experience spans both sides of Hare and Ke** , creating a combination of daily life with the spirit of a festival. This is a tool that makes every day a positive experience and a blessing.
To those who can join us on such occasions, and who can enjoy our work together, by all means, let’s do this together. And enjoy the most exciting festivals!

*It is believed to be a Christian (catholic) concept, but its authenticity is uncertain.
**Hare and Ke – The dichotomy of ‘hare and ke’ is a traditional world-view of Japanese people accompanied by time theory.


Bringing Communication Innovation to a Brighter Future.

Our mission is to bridge the communication gaps between people, and between people and technology.


We drastically enhances communication through technology and intelligence.

Striving for a comfortable society by creating a people-friendly, smooth, and enriching communication system.

Company information

Company Name
IP Partners Co., Ltd.
Kouyou Building 2F, 1-4-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 107-0052
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November 1,2008
Tsuyoshi Watanabe
Main Business Activities
  • IT Consulting
  • Production and Distribution audio/visual contents
  • Development and Operation of Communication Software
  • Hosting a variety of workshops and seminars
  • Incubation of the above
  • IP Capital Co., Ltd.
  • ACP Co., Ltd.
  • OI Partners Co., Ltd.
42 (as of Jun 1, 2023)
40,000,000 yen (as of Jun 1, 2023)

IP Partners Co., Ltd. Company History

Established IP Partners Co., Ltd. for IT consulting in Shibuya, Tokyo
Launched “Koelab” audio data to text conversion service
Launched ”” as a low-cost version of “Koelab” service
Registered Workers reached over 5,000
Registered Workers reached over 10,000
Launched referral service specializing in major consulting firms
Established Joblab Co. Ltd. as a pure holding company with a capital of JPY 20 million in Shibuya, Tokyo. IP Partners Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Joblab Co. Ltd.
Launched consulting services specializing in Maas (Mobility as a Service)
Registered Workers reached over 20,000
Head office relocated to Nakano City, Tokyo
“Koelab” business transferred to Alts Co., Ltd.