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    Personal Information Consent Form
    To IP Partners Co., Ltd,

    I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions regarding the use of my personal information by IP Partners Co., Ltd.

    • Entities Handling Personal Information and personal information protection manager
      IP Partners Co., Ltd
      Personal information protection manager: Head of Business Administration Division

    • Utilization purpose

      The acquired personal information will be used to respond to and contact you regarding your inquiry. However, personal information may be used without obtaining the consent of the individual in the following cases.

      a) Cases based on laws and regulations
      b) Cases in which there is a need to protect human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain a principal's consent
      c) Cases in which there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain a principal's consent
      d) Cases in which there is a need to cooperate regarding a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining a principal's consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs

    • We shall not provide personal data to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person.

    • Entrustment of personal information
      We may entrust this personal information to trustees whose personal information protection management system meets certain standards for entrustment purposes.

    • Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information
      You are entitled to be notified of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use, and suspension of provision to a third party of your personal information. (except in prescribed by laws and regulations ). Regarding the exercise of these rights, please make a request to the contact address described in “Personal Information Handling Business Operator and Personal information protection manager”. The same contacts shall also be used for complaints and consultations regarding personal information.

    • Voluntary provision of personal information
      Providing your personal information to us is voluntary. However, if you do not provide personal information, we will not be able to fulfil the above-mentioned purpose of use, and you will not be able to use our services.

    • Acquisition of personal information by a method that cannot be recognized We do not acquire personal information by any means that is unrecognizable to the individual.