Business Introduction


Provides text data of audio from conferences, lectures, interviews, etc.


Translates a wide variety of documents, such as handling instructions and other manuals, from Japanese to other languages and from other languages to Japanese.


Back-office operations (accounting, general affairs, human resources, sales administration, etc.) are provided online and on-demand to meet the needs of customers. Provides online, on-demand back-office operations to meet the needs of customers (accounting, general affairs, human resources, sales administration, etc.)


Rental consulting (Rencon) Providing consulting services by consultants in each specialized area on case or time (period) basis.


We have more than 20,000 professional freelancers, and side workers with expertise are registered. A wide variety of side jobs are available, including video and audio editing, design, and programming.

Fuji Gallery

Discovering artists with our unique aesthetic sense and proposing artwork that includes interior design and spatial presentation.

IT Consulting service

Introducing professional human resources in various fields, in the most appropriate way and at the right time, according to the needs of clients and their required skills and experience.

Provides high-quality annotation services specialized in voice-recognition AI by applying the advanced transcription technology accumulated at Koelab.